Domino Data Lab

PaaS for data scientists

Domino is a Platform–as–a–Service for data science that makes it easy to run your code (Python, R, Julia, shell scripts, etc) in the cloud without dealing with infrastructure setup or configuration. We helped the Domino team develop their system — frontend, backend and infrastructure layer — in a long-term co–development partnership.

Peace of mind for founders — When we first started working together, Domino’s development team consisted of two busy technical founders. As we got to know their product and the team, we expanded our work with them and with our help one of the co–founders was able to detach completely from tech and focus on the business side. We helped them build a foundation for a scalable and profitable product. Now they have many happy customer and have been able to raise over $40 million dollars to scale their offerings.

Technologies — Domino is not a typical CRUD web application. The infrastructure — computational cluster is build on top of AWS EC2 which is managed by Akka. API is provided by a Scala/Play/MongoDB app deployed to Heroku while frontend is written in Twirl and Backbone.js.


Universal ride-sharing app

Bellhop lets user compare pricing across Uber, Lyft and the major ride-sharing apps so you can save money on every ride. We worked with the founding team to help design and build the full mobile experience and the data engine that backs it.

Mobile — We used the state-of-the-art React-Native mobile platform to build the mobile app. Working with NYC based design studio, we we’re able to ship a lean interface with UX optimized for ease of use and speed.

API Integration — Some of the partners Bellhop integrates with are: Uber, Lyft, Juno, Curb, Arro and more! (formerly also Mozio, Resy, Delivery.com, Ticket Evolution and Viator). This project required us to establish connection with CTOs of these tools to to define criteria of API stability. Through communication with both the internal team and the external APIs, we were able to integrate reliably with over a dozen services.

Imperative Group Inc.

Social platform for career development

Imperative is a B2B platform for companies looking to increase employee fulfillment. It’s a tool that uniquely helps employees determine the intrinsic motivators that impact their work. We helped them build their tool from the very beginning and replaced their entire tech team when the company relocated.

Enabling scale with less risk — When we joined development efforts at Imperative the tech team consisted only of the CTO. We dove in immediately and blended into the rest of the team to fully understand the product and work as part of the team. Since then we’ve been the core backend team in all phases of the software development lifecycle. Our work together enabled Imperative to defer building an in–house backend team which allowed them to save money until they found product-market fit. In our partnership Imperative has maximum flexibility, dynamically adjusting man–hour contribution according to their needs. Our interdisciplinary team brought not only technical expertise that boosted platform development, but also reliability that enabled steady growth.

Technologies — Our first task was replacing a fragile Ruby on Rails webapp that served as their MVP. Thereafter we worked with Typesafe Reactive Platform (Scala, Akka, Play, Slick) and various data stores (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis). Our day–to–day development still involves designing REST APIs, programming web pages (Twirl, Coffeescript, SAAS, React), testing (Specs2, Karma, Cucumber, Coveralls) and utilizing different metrics and deployment solutions (Heroku, NewRelic, CircleCI) to scale and optimize underlying system.

Go Sport

Mobile loyalty app that promotes a healthy lifestyle

Loyalty program app for one of the biggest sporting goods retailers in Poland. The application allows you to collect points and exchange them for vouchers. The user is rewarded with points while shopping and with daily activities. The app promotes healthy lifestyle, encouraging users to regular jogging. Data is collected on an ongoing basis with Apple Health and Google Fit. The application is fully implemented using React-Native technology.


Retail data acquisition

Datasembly collects pricing data from across the web. They provide businesses access to millions of grocery- and retail-pricing records aggregated from hundreds of grocery delivery and online shopping websites.

Web Indexing in scale — Retail data acquisition struggles with being volatile and local, Datasembly’s robust architecture lets people get comprehensive realtime data about retail pricings around the US powering marketing intelligence, economic indicators and consumer apps. We helped the team implement ETL flows of US retail data using scalable stream-based architecture.

Quick On-boarding — We joined the Datasembly team within days of meeting with them. We started pushing new features to the ETL platform within days.

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