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On Demand App
React Native
Machine Learning

Obi – Universal Rideshare App

We worked with Obi’s founding team to help design and build a full mobile experience and the data engine backing it. We spearheaded React-Native production usage in 2015, and we’re able to support the fast development of iOS and Android apps ever since.

Iterators have been an extremely reliable technology partner to consistently deliver high quality code. Their team works seamlessly with ours through regularly scheduled calls, and their management ensures timely responses to our needs.

I highly recommend them!

Payam Safa

Bellhop Technologies Inc.
HR Tech
Job Board

Vetit — Veteran Transition Platform

At Iterators, we created a platform with a unique matching mechanism that pairs veterans with jobs based on their skills and translates their military experience to civilian positions. The tool also gives veterans a place to ask the larger community questions, share employer reviews and seek advice about career path development.

Shared Service Center
User testing
UX/UI Design
Machine Learning – AI and Automation for Accounting is an accounting solution that allows for invoice processing from the moment of uploading right until payment posting. The system’s goal was to help automate operations such as data validation, description and posting of the invoices.

Health Tech
Video streaming
Native iOS
Native Android

Helping Hand — Connecting Therapists and Their Patients

Our UX team researched recovering addicts to provide the best solution for optimizing therapy sessions for both therapists and patients. We ran user research, co-creation workshops and developed a full online solution for remote therapy.

HR Tech
Enterprise Readiness

Imperative — Purpose-oriented Peer Coaching Platform

We helped Imperative build their tool from the beginning, and replaced their entire tech team when the company relocated. We’re not only continuing to develop their app, but we’re also present at each stage of development, from direction and ideation to enterprise-level SLA support.

I always tell people, one of the keys to our success was finding Jacek and Iterators. They’re great communicators. We’ve been in touch almost on a daily basis, collaborating on both a large and small scale. I’ve always had an authentic sense that they’re in it for our success first.

Aaron Hurst

Imperative Group Inc
Data Science
Data Repository
AWS Cloud

Domino Data Lab — PaaS for Data Scientists

At a critical moment, we helped the founders focus on growing their business. When three Harvard and MIT tech founders hit the sweet spot for scaling their business — we helped them by developing their system — front end, back end, and the infrastructure layer.

Telco Tech
Remote configuration

Nevion — IP Media Transport in Broadcasting

Sports streams (e.g., Premier League) watched via cable, satellite, or online platforms, require gigabytes of data transferred over thousands of devices to hit your screen. We helped Nevion build remote network device configuration integrations, enabling a seamless experience by connecting the source with the screens of thousands of people online.

Team Transition
AWS Cloud
Video streaming
Low latency

Gaming Live — Low Latency Game Streaming Platform

Video is the most important medium right now. Creating Content Delivery Networks is a challenging task. Especially if your goal is to have less than a five-second lag time on a full HD 60fps stream. Together, with e-sports visionaries, we delivered great experiences – Video, Recording, Chat, Subscription, and Premium Features. All based on AWS multi data-center deployment connected with CenturyLink’s Level3 infrastructure..

Virtual Beings
Virtual Assistants
Low latency

Virbe — Virtual Beings Chatbot Platform

Virbe is a platform enabling creation of personalized Virtual Beings – technology that facilitates online communication between B2C brands and their customers. Iterators expanded on the existing platform, designed 100+ screens for web application and build SaaS backoffice and actively maintains cloud infrastructure.

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