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UX/UI Design and Research

Even the simplest mobile app needs a well-researched and designed customer journey. We apply our team’s years of combined practical and academic experience to make complex systems easy to understand and business solutions engaging to users.

Obi – Redesign of On Demand Rideshare App

We started with a UX/UI audit of the existing application. Then through quick design fixes, we redefined and reimplemented the entire design system. We helped the Obi app gain a unique look while keeping up with design trends and improving usability. We enabled the monopoly-breaking app to be efficient enough to take on new markets.

Research & Analysis
  • In-depth interviews with users, stakeholders and SME
  • User Experience Research
  • Usability tests & audits
  • Shadowing
  • Contextual inquiry
  • A/B tests, Clicking tests, statistics and diary studies
Designing User Experience
  • Designing personas
  • Customer Journey, Service blueprints, Canvases
  • Building agile product backlog
  • Wireframes, mockups, functional and design specifications
Digital Design
  • Branding and visual identity
  • Web design – landing pages, web portals, applications
  • Mobile design – RWD & mobile apps
  • Novel interfaces – chatbots, voice interfaces, gesture and haptic interfaces, VR, AR, and other

Web Apps &
Mobile Apps

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your product in the hands of customers. With mobile, you can reach them at any time and in every place. And web-based solutions are the perfect way for office workers and B2B partners to unlock the full potential of their productivity.

Remote Addiction Therapy

Mental healthcare access should be available anywhere, at any time. That’s what Helping Hand 24 does. We’ve built a system, including an integrated mobile app, that coaches users on daily basis. The system also includes an interface panel for therapists enabling them to connect with patients and manage their availability, patient data, and surveys.

Mobile Development
  • React Native apps
  • Native iOS and Android apps
  • Monitoring and metrics
  • Fresh UI and motion design
Frontend Development
  • Vue.js, React and Angular apps
  • SaaS, SSO and enterprise features & integrations
  • Reports, graphs and admin interfaces
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Product & Project management
  • Quality assurance across the process
  • Automation testing
  • Manual mobile & web testing
  • Performance & load testing

Scalable Infrastructure

If you are not prepared for success, you are prepared to fail. That’s why we only champion scalable backend technologies. From IoT-ready, multi-DC distributed messaging clusters, through Terraform infrastructure-as-a-code SOC compliant deployments, to unified central monitoring, APM, and intelligence – we can prepare it all for you.

E-sport Streaming Service

Video is the most important medium right now. Creating Content Delivery Networks is a challenging task. Especially if your goal is to have less than a five-second lag time on a full HD 60fps stream. And especially if you’re responsible for thousands of people watching an e-sport event via your platform. Together, with e-sports visionaries, we delivered great experiences – Video, Recording, Chat, Subscription, and Premium Features. All based on AWS multi data-center deployment connected with CenturyLink’s Level3 infrastructure.

  • AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean, Azure platforms
  • Docker swarm and Kubernetes
  • Terraform infrasturcture definition
  • Zero downtime deployments
  • Multi DC architecture
Scala & Distributed Development
  • Blockchain applications
  • Akka & Play frameworks
  • Functional Programming
  • Microservices & Monolith
  • Messaging, REST, JSON-APIs
  • Web servers, Streaming, Batch processing
Monitoring & Security
  • Log collection and monitoring
  • Infrastructure passing enterprise requirements
  • SOC2, security, high availability and hardening
  • Real time monitoring, scaling and live healing
  • Performance & load testing

Machine Learning

Forecast future trends and automate your business processes with the power of AI. Every business has different ways of using it, but all companies can benefit from it.

Having a lot of data, analyzing data, or building models isn’t the same as having it deployed at scale.

And that’s exactly what we do.

Make it work.
Make it magic.
Make it pay.

We take academic research and models built by data scientists and create a whole infrastructure around them. From integrating data into a SaaS product to running models at scale, continuous model deployment, real time model benchmarking and optimization – we can help your knowledge impact your business at greater scale.

Data Engineering
  • We build ETL flows
  • Build and run scrapers at scale
  • Integrate and mash-up diverse data sources
  • Setup crowd-sourced data quality validation processes
  • Batch and streaming data pipelines
  • Perform development and maintenance
  • We help people spin-off academic research into startups
  • Deploy ML models at scale
  • Build proof-of-concept solutions
  • Build positive data feedback loop for systems to perform better with time
  • Work on road-maps and integrate into product life-cycle
Data Science
  • We help picking areas where AI can impact your business most
  • We run research initiatives
  • We have no preffered technology – we use whatever makes most sense
  • K.I.S.S. No over-engineering
  • Connecting data with intuition

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